Our September-October session runs from September 4th to October 29th. Registration is currently closed for this session.

Our November-December session runs from November 6th to December 23rd. Registration for that session will open in mid-late October.

The schedule for the November-December session will be posed in mid-October.

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  • Click the red Register Online Here button

  • Click Login at the top of the screen in the red banner (returning students can log in and register for classes)

  • New Students: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Create New Account

  • Follow the prompts to set up the account

If online registration is OPEN, log into your account, select classes, and self register.

If online registration is CLOSED, contact the Volunteer Registration Team ( after setting up your account.

NOTE: The registration site does not work well on mobile browsers. If you cannot use a computer to register, try setting your mobile browser into desktop mode. Option can usually be found in "settings" on most mobile browsers.  

Please Note:

  • Class participation may require that your dog be crated at times when not working. PCOTC provides crates for your use or you may bring your own. If you have questions about crating please contact the instructor or training director.

  • No electronic collars or flexi-leads are allowed in our facility

Existing PCOTC Volunteer Member with a New Puppy/Dog?

To receive volunteer pricing, create an account for your new puppy/dog and have it activated by the Registrar team prior to registering for classes by emailing:

Are You a New PCOTC Volunteer Member?

To receive volunteer pricing, your account must be activated by the Registrar team prior to registering for classes.  Please email:

To check your volunteer hours, email Angela Kalmanash at:

For information on membership go to the Membership page.

2019 Session Dates

July / Aug – 7 wks

  • Wed 7/9 – Session Start

  • Tues 8/27 – Session End

  • Dark Week – Wed 7/28 – Tues 9/3

 Sep / Oct – 8 wks

  • Wed 9/4 – Session Start

  • Tues 10/29 – Session End

  • Dark week – Wed 10/30 – Tues 11/5

Nov / Dec – 7 wks

  • Wed 11/6 – Session Start

  • Mon 12/23 – Session End

  • Dark Week – Tues 12/24 – Wed 1/1

Jan / Feb – 8 wks

  • Wednesday 1/2 – Session start

  • Tues 2/26 – Session End

  • Dark Week – Wed 2/ 27 – Tues 3/5

Mar / Apr – 8 wks

  • Wed 3/6 – Session Start

  • Tues 4/30 – Session End

  • Dark Week – Wed 5/1 – Tues 5/7

May / June – 8 wks

  • Wed 5/8 – Session Start

  • Tues 7/2– Session End

  • Dark Week – Wed 7/3 – Tues 7/9