Classes and Registration

On-line registration for the September-October session is now OPEN!

On-line registration closes: Tuesday September 8th @ Noon

For help registering or to enquire about classes please email:


September - October Training Schedules

»Class Schedule - All Disciplines: September-October 2015

»Class Schedule - Agility: SeptemberOctober 2015

»Class Schedule - Family Manners: SeptemberOctober 2015

»Class Schedule - Nose Work: SeptemberOctober 2015

»Class Schedule - Obedience/Rally: SeptemberOctober 2015


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»Class Regulations/ Routes


Current Training Schedule

»Class Schedule - All Disciplines: JulyAugust 2015


Please Note:

1. Class participation may require that your dog be crated at times when not working. PCOTC provides crates for your use or you may bring your own. If you have questions about crating please contact the instructor or training director.

2. No electronic collars are allowed in our facility.


Existing PCOTC Volunteer Member with a New Puppy/Dog?

To receive volunteer pricing, create an account for your new puppy/dog and have it activated by the Registrar team prior to registering for classes by emailing:


Are You a New PCOTC Volunteer Member?

To receive volunteer pricing, your account must be activated by the Registrar team prior to registering for classes.  Please email:

To check your volunteer hours, email Angela Kalmanash at:

For information on membership go to the Membership page.


Seminars, Workshops & Run-thrus

Check the Calendar page for information and entry forms for seminars, workshops, and run-thrus. 

» Seminar/Workshop Survey

Class Survey / Family Manners Survey

PCOTC is committed to providing the best classes and would appreciate your feedback via the on-line questionnaire. 

» Family Manners survey

» Survey for all other classes