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Becoming a Member of PCOTC

When you first sign up for a class at PCOTC, you become a non-voting associate member of the club. You can apply to become a full voting member of the club by (a) completing six hours of volunteer time at PCOTC and (b) being enrolled in a training class at the time you submit your application.

As a full member of PCOTC you will receive links to the club's quarterly newsletter, Sit 'n Stay. Once approved for membership, with six volunteer hours, you may take the Member Volunteer discounted tuition rates on classes immediately. You must keep up your volunteer status to continue receiving Member Volunteer rates. Member Volunteers are also eligible to rent the facility for individual practice.

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» Our bylaws have been revised so that in the future, our club year will run from Jan 1 to Dec 31. As a result, the current renewal will cover June 2017-December 31, 2018. Volunteer members will need to collect 18 hours during this extended year to maintain their volunteer discount. 

» Members may now renew their membership online for June 2017–December 2018. The deadline is May 31, 2017. Click here for the Online Membership Renewal Form for club year June 2017–December 2018. Please note that this is for renewing members only. See above for a Membership Application.

For more information about membership and the renewal process, please contact Sara Gagnon

» Club Constitution and Bylaws.

» PCOTC Policies & Procedures.

To submit your dog's new titles/awards for the "Our Stars" column in our newsletter, Sit 'n Stay, please fill out the Our Stars Form. Your new titles/awards will also be posted at the facility, and will be included in special yearly ads that congratulate our members on titles earned.

To request an Annual Title Award for April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017, please fill out the Title Award Form by May 8.

There are five club meetings a year, scheduled a year in advance. Future scheduled club meetings are:

  • Tuesday, April 26
  • Thursday, June 16, Annual Club Meeting
  • Wednesday, August 31
  • Wednesday, October 26, Howl-o-ween Party and Club Meeting
  • Monday, December 12, Holiday Party & Club meeting

Any member can put items on the agenda for membership discussion. Items are not automatically put on agendas and are first considered by the board. To submit an item for consideration, members must send the item to either the Corresponding Secretary (Olga Kornienko) or President (Sara Gagnon) five weeks before the meeting.

Board meetings are scheduled at the close of each meeting for flexibility, to ensure that as many board members as possible will be able to attend. The Board meets approximately every 5-6 weeks and Board meetings are not open. However, when time permits the Board welcomes members who have specific issues that want to discuss. Forward requests for an item to be placed on the board's agenda by sending it to either the Corresponding Secretary or the President. The board accepts agenda items on an ongoing basis and they are discussed by the board at the next appropriate meeting.

Current board members are listed below. Click a name to email that person.

Volunteering at PCOTC

Volunteers run all PCOTC activities except dog training classes, for which we have paid, qualified instructors. We ask each club member to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours during each club year at matches, trials or other PCOTC events, helping out with work necessary for the clean and safe running of the facility or doing committee work of interest to you. This can be a great way to learn more about training or preparing your dog for a trial, or for using your skills on behalf of the club. Those who complete the minimum of 12 hours are designated "Member Volunteers" and are eligible for discounted rates on class, have the ability to rent the training facility for practice and participate in all higher levels of club benefits.

Here's how it works:

PCOTC's "club year" runs from June 1 to May 31.

Continuing Members: In order to receive the Member Volunteer rates for the following club year, during each club year continuing members must complete 12 volunteer hours prior to the beginning of the next club year, June 1st. Volunteer hours in excess of the minimum do not carry over to the following year.

New members: In an effort to get to know you better, and to allow you to get to know what PCOTC is all about, all prospective members must complete 6 hours of volunteer service and be enrolled in a class prior to submitting an application for membership. Upon Board approval of your application, you would be immediately eligible for class discounts. New members must have completed a total of 12 volunteer hours by May 31st of the first year of admission in order to be eligible for Member Volunteer privileges in the following year.

Family memberships:

To receive the Member Volunteer rate, each member in a family membership must individually meet the 12 hour minimum per club year requirement. However, a family member may credit hours to another person in the membership. Example 1: John and Jane Doe share a family membership. Jane completes 12 hours of volunteer time, but John does not volunteer. Jane will receive Member Volunteer rates, but John will not. Example 2: John and Jane Doe share a family membership. John volunteers 4 hours during a club year, and Jane volunteers 20 hours. Both John and Jane Doe will receive Member Volunteer rates, because eight hours of Jane's volunteer hours can be credited to John.

Volunteer opportunities are listed in eblasts, in the quarterly newsletter Sit 'N Stay, and on the bulletin board at the facility. Please don't wait till May to try to get in all your hours! We need help all year long! If you need help finding appropriate volunteer opportunities, contact

It is your responsibility to report your hours via a PCOTC Volunteer Reporting Form kept in stock at the facility, or downloadable here. Be sure to obtain a signature from the PCOTC member who is in charge of the activity at which you volunteer. The completed forms should then be sent to Angela Kalmanash, 1 Windward Lane, Stamford, CT 06903. In March, preliminary volunteer status for all members will be published in the Sit 'N Stay newsletter. Be sure to check your entry. If you don't agree with it contact the sponsor of the event where you volunteered or email Angela Kalmanash.

If you incur expenses related to a PCOTC event, please use our expense report form.

PCOTC Calendar and Rentals

Below are links with information relevant to Volunteer Members, for renting the facility.

» PCOTC Google Calendar
» Room reservation policies
» Rental and Drop-in rates

All calendar requests should go to

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PCOTC members volunteering at an
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