Puppy Pre-K

This class will afford your puppy opportunities for socialization to new people, places and things in a supervised setting. Off leash play will be at the discretion of the instructor. Common owner concerns will be discussed. This class will run for four weeks and will NOT include the AKC Star Puppy test.

Puppies should have their standard vaccinations as per their vets recommendation. Rabies vaccine is required for dogs over four months of age.

Skills Introduced: Socialization and safe handling

AKC S.T.A.R.® Puppy

Your puppy´s early months are a critical informative time during which your puppy learns to interact appropriately with different people, dogs and environments that the world has to offer. This class will help you make the most of this developmental window and build the foundation for a friendly, confident, well-mannered adult dog. Off leash play will be at the discretion of the instructor. In order to be eligible for the AKC S.T.A.R® Puppy Test puppies must attend six weeks of classes. Class limit 8.

Puppies should have their standard vaccinations as per their vet's recommendation. Rabies vaccine is required for dogs over four months of age.

For: Puppies, under 5 months of age

Skills Introduced: Basic manners, Clicker Training, Attention, Socialization & safe handling

Jump Start for FM Foundations

Did you recently acquire a new dog? Did you miss registration for FM Foundations? Do you need to get the basics asap?

Jump Start will get you on the right track, right away. Learn the essentials and get your dog started right away learning polite manners for day-to-day life. This class will prepare teams to go to FM Foundations class the following session.

Family Manners Foundation

Introduce your dog to the skills it needs to become a well-mannered family pet. In this class, owners will learn to use dog-friendly training methods as they teach their pets to sit, lie down, wait, walk on a loose leash, come when called and more. This class will help you build a strong relationship with your dog, and to manage your pet comfortably in your home. Handouts and on-line support are provided. Class limit 8.

For: Dogs, age 5 months and older. Both you and your dog must be comfortable spending an hour with a group of canines of various sizes and energy levels

Special Requirements: No dogs in the first class

Skills Introduced: Sits & Downs, Loose leash walking, Stand, Recall, Stay, Leave It, Tug

Family Manners Skills

Now that you and your dog have learned the basics of reward-based training in Family Manners Foundation, you are ready to kick it up a notch. In this intermediate-level class, you will build reliability by training in an increasingly distracting environment and with gradually increased distance and duration, while fading the lures and additional prompts. The ultimate goal is a dog that will reliably respond to your cues no matter what is going on around him. Handouts and on-line support are provided. Class limit 8.

Prerequisite: FM Foundation or instructor´s approval

Skills Introduced: Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Recall, Loose Leash Walking - all with increasing duration, distance & distractions, "Go Mat"

Family Manners Unleashed!

Go beyond the basics! Refine your skills and build teamwork as you work toward reliability off leash. In this class, you will continue to work on core skills such as, recalls, and stays in addition the new element of increased distance from your dog will be added to your training skill. New skills such as nose work and targeting will be introduced. Class limit 8.

Prerequisite: FM Skills or equivalent


Bridging the Gap: An Introduction to Obedience

What's next after basic training with your dog?

Want to take that training to the next level and have fun?

Going forward there are lots of games to learn that are core skills using shaping, targeting, heads-up heeling, turns on the forehand, kickback stands, come when called, drops, backing up and tidy sits. All of them are included here in the Bridging the Gap class, an introduction to Obedience. 

Whether for fun or for future competition, Obedience helps to fine-tune a dog's basic skills and manners as well as developing a long lasting relationship between dog and handler. 

Limit 8 teams

Family Manners Foundation 201: Now with more recalls

This class will build on skills learned in Family Manners Foundation, with a specific focus on building recalls.  Prerequisite: Family Manners Foundation

K9 Games

This class is based loosely upon Ian Dunbar's team competition of the same name.  After reviewing the skills required, handlers and their dogs make up teams to compete in dog-infused children's games.  All games are designed to fine tune and test your dog's basic obedience skills in an amusing, action-packed and encouraging atmosphere.  It is a great way to keep your dog's obedience fresh and fun.  Games will include Tic-Tac-Toe, Recall Relays, Musical Chairs, Retrieval Races and more!  Limit 8 teams.

K9 Fitness

n this fitness course, we will show you exercises for the conditioning of ANY canine. Get your dog in the best mental and physical shape with “FitPAWS” Canine Conditioning equipment! This class is great for current or future athlete / performance dogs of all levels to build strength and prevent injuries. Benefits of class include: improving balance, coordination, body awareness, and flexibility. It also helps to stabilize weak areas, build a strong core, and confidence! Exercises will be adjusted for level of dogs in class and their needs. More information about “FitPAWS” products can be found at

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirements: Dogs must wear a harness for safety when working on peanuts or other PCOTC inflated equipment. Toenail safety will be at instructor's discretion. 


Why teach tricks? Not just because they are fun!  Teaching tricks can be a valuable learning experience for you and your dog.  They help you teach your dog to think and solve problems with you as a team, help you perfect your timing of feedback, and engage your dog's interest in all his training.  Use this class to round out your dog's education, show off his natural talent, and challenge him mentally while learning invaluable tricks for therapy work or everyday life. Limit 8 teams.

Prerequisites: AKC Star Puppy or Family Manners Foundation

Crate Games

Use your dog's crate to enhance focus and motivation, to work on self control for a phenomenal stay, to train a speedy and dependable recall, train distance skills for obedience or agility, and to develop an amazing working relationship.  Limit 8 teams.

Canine Good Citizen® Prep

Teams will prepare for the Canine Good Citizen® test:
The test will be administered in the final class of the session. Class limit 6.

Prerequisite: FM Skills or equivalent or instructor approval

Skills Introduced: Test items for Canine Good Citizen® test

Shy and Fearful Dogs

This class will focus on understanding fearful emotion in dogs, behaviors manifesting from fear and appropriate interactions and training methods. The goal will be enrichment of the dog and owner’s life through education, enhanced communication and employment of counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques. Students should contact instructor prior to enrollment at if their dog is an appropriate candidate for this class. Limit 8 teams. 

Loose Leash Walking

If you’ve already been through class, but are still struggling a bit with teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash, this mini class may be right for you.  We’ll concentrate on only this skill, incorporating a variety of exercises to help improve your dog’s loose leash walking behavior.

Please come to class with a hungry dog, ideally who’s had some exercise before class, a variety of high value treats!

Eager Greeters

Does your super friendly dog jump for joy when meeting people? Happily drag you toward other dogs to play?

This class will help you teach your dog to tone down the excitement and remain politely under control while greeting people and dogs. Class limit: 8. For overly friendly dogs

Prerequisite: Family Manners Foundation

NOTE: If your dog needs help with making new friends, try Grumpy Growlers to learn how to help your dog's social interactions go more smoothly.

Ricochet Recalls

Learn how to teach your dog to come flying to you, the first time you call, anytime, anywhere, away from anything! This class is suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages.Prerequisites: None

Therapy Dog Certificate Prep

To be an effective therapy dog team, you must be a compassionate, understanding human being; your companion must be an obedient, calm, people-loving dog.

Through fine-tuning of various obedience skills, human-dog interactions, and challenging role playing, this course will provide a solid preparation for final evaluation and testing with Pet Partners (Delta Society).

Registration for this course, depends upon each team passing an approximately 20-minute pre-screening in which basic obedience skills, steadiness of temperament, and handler-dog communication are evaluated.

Note: Pre-screenings take place prior to the start of the class.

Grumpy Growlers

If your dog reacts aggressively - lunging, barking, snapping - when encountering a strange dog, this class can help. Your dog will learn a new way to perceive canine strangers, and you will learn how to read your dog´s signals and gain some valuable tools and techniques to help you manage dog-to-dog encounters. We will use reward-based training, and muzzles where necessary. No dogs in the first class. Class limit 6.

Special Requirements: Submit behavior questionnaire prior to first class. Dog must be on flat collar, martingale collar, harness or head halter. No prong or choke collars permitted.

Skills Introduced: Your dog will learn to accept the presence of a strange dog. The handler will learn how to read the dog´s signals, and how to manage dog-dog encounters.

Grumpy Growlers Advanced

The class is only open to Grumpy Growler alumni by invitation. It is to further the capability of the dog and handler to function in everyday life. As in the pre-requisite class this geared towards dogs that are reactive when encountering strange dogs. The goal is to improve the relationship between the dog and the owner by giving the owner the tools to manage critical situations and change the perception of the dog to strange dogs. This will be achieved using reward-based training and muzzles if necessary. The dog will be handled on a flat-collar, martingale, harness or a head-halter. No prong-collars or choke chains allowed. Class limit 8.

Prerequisite: Grumpy Growler and instructor permission

Disc Dog Games

This 4 week class will build upon foundation skills and strategy for disc games. Freestyle moves will be introduced . Continue to work on technique and teamwork. Dogs should be comfortable in a crate. One team will be working on the floor at a time. A competition quality disc will be provided to each team. 

Prerequisite: Intro/Open/Games Disc Dog or Instructor Approval.