Volunteers Needed for May 10-12th - FDR Park, Yorktown

The Volunteer sheet for our Trial next week is live! Click here to sign up!

Please come out and give us a hand.

NOT INCLUDED ON THE WORKER SIGN UP: We need help with setup on Thursday afternoon, and breakdown on Sunday afternoon. Please PM Deborah Salerno if you can help!

Also we'll be running a B-Match following the trial on both Friday and Saturday. This will have a full Std. Course set up. $10 / run, 1 min runs. TOYS ALLOWED IN THE RING! This is a great opportunity to train something in a real trial environment, especially for those who may be unsure of their dogs ability to focus at an outdoor trial!

Finally, as in years past, we will be running Qs for the Cures again, and there will be a raffle with all proceeds benefiting the NCCF.

Even if you aren't competing, consider coming out, volunteering for a bit, and supporting your club!