Volunteers Needed for May 10-12th - FDR Park, Yorktown

The Volunteer sheet for our Trial next week is live! Click here to sign up!

Please come out and give us a hand.

NOT INCLUDED ON THE WORKER SIGN UP: We need help with setup on Thursday afternoon, and breakdown on Sunday afternoon. Please PM Deborah Salerno if you can help!

Also we'll be running a B-Match following the trial on both Friday and Saturday. This will have a full Std. Course set up. $10 / run, 1 min runs. TOYS ALLOWED IN THE RING! This is a great opportunity to train something in a real trial environment, especially for those who may be unsure of their dogs ability to focus at an outdoor trial!

Finally, as in years past, we will be running Qs for the Cures again, and there will be a raffle with all proceeds benefiting the NCCF.

Even if you aren't competing, consider coming out, volunteering for a bit, and supporting your club!

Rally Run Thrus Day Of Coordinator

Rally Run Thrus Day Of Coordinator

Are you looking for a nice and relaxing way to get some volunteer hours in?  Come join me in helping ensure the Rally Run Thrus are successful! 

Once a month, the club will have Rally Run Thrus at PCOTC.  We are looking for dedicated volunteers who can be at the club from start to finish to ensure everything runs successful during the February run thrus (2-5 PM).  You will work with the Rally run thru organizer to direct volunteers for course build and ensuring that both rings move smoothly throughout the day.  No Rally experience but a willingness to learn?  Not a problem, you can come volunteer the day with us at the January run thru and learn everything you need to know!  Please contact Anita Ambani at pcotc.runthrus@gmail.com for more information.

Volunteer Opportunity: PCOTC's AKC Scent Work Trial - Sunday, October 7, 2018

Volunteer spots are now open for the PCOTC's AKC Scent Work Trial on Sunday, October 7 2018.  

Come out and support all those scent workers and earn some hours!  

Email me, Ashlin Cooke - Volunteer coordinator, at acooke@me.com with your preference of shift(s).  

Shift 1:  8:30 am  - 12:30 pm
Shift 2: 12:30 pm - 4 pm or until last competitor
Clean up! 4-5 pm

Registered competitors who are volunteering.  Please forward me your contact info!

I will be in contact after the weekend, but please feel free to  Email  me any questions you have on volunteering at a scent trial.

Club Clean Up on April 28th, 2017 - 1-5pm

Come help tidy up the club! 

Potential jobs include: 

  • crates taken outside and sterilized
  • new cardboard dividers attached with zipties to crates
  • black running mat pulled up and cleaned
  • mirrors washed
  • refrigerator emptied and cleaned
  • cabinets above the sink emptied and cleaned and organized
  • blankets taken home and washed
  • update flyer boards / whiteboard calendars
  • clean any large stains on the blue flooring

Any many more! If you show up we'll find a job for you. 

A Club Meeting will follow @ 6pm on the Lower Level. Food will be served beforehand. 

Grab a few hours doing distribution

Earn a few hours!

Jenn Michealis has three boxes that need to be distributed. One box is a box of clickers and wristbands that need to be assembled and then evenly distributed between the upper and lower levels. There are also two large boxes of dog toys that need to be distributed between the upper and lower levels for the family manners program. 

If interested contact Jenn Michealis at jenn_michaelis@yahoo.com


Volunteers Needed for AKC Obedience Trial Sunday, March 4

CALLING ALL STEWARDS! Have fun Stewarding for your club and get those volunteer hours in. Enjoy the real thrill of seeing competitors, our club members among them, come out and exhibit all their wonderful handling skills.  No experience necessary, we can teach you on the spot. 

If you are interested in helping out, please contact ASAP Chief Steward Morgaana Menzel by emailing MorgaanaMenzel@gmail.com for AKC Obedience Trial held on Sunday, March 4th 2018