Individual rentals are reserved for volunteering PCOTC members and PCOTC instructors only. New volunteer renters will need to obtain a key to access the facility, keys require a $75 deposit and need to be requested at least a week in advance of your first rental. 

Outside groups may rent the facility for dog-related training or programs on a case by case basis.

Time slots available for rentals can be found in the Club Calendar. You cannot request a rental 30 minutes before or after a scheduled class.  

To rent the space, please email with your requested time slot or for any other questions.

PCOTC Calendar and Rentals

Below are links with information relevant to Volunteer Members, for renting the facility.


Dropping in on classes is available to any member of PCOTC. Members must email the instructor of the class before dropping in to make sure the class has space and to insure the instructor is aware that an additional student is attending the class. Instructors have final say in whether or not a member can drop into a class. Payment is made using the envelopes outside the office on the lower level.

Click here to see Drop-In Rates