Barbara Napoli - President

Barbara is a retired NYS fiscal officer. She has a BA in Public Accounting, and an MBA with a concentration in International Business. From her earlier experience in a CPA firm, she has focused much of her professional career as a non-for-profit accounting specialist. She has both reported to and served on many boards. Her past experiences include receiver of taxes and later the treasure of the Village of Sleepy Hollow, business manager for a  religious institution, and finance director for a multi-jurisdictional municipal water utility system, and Controller for The Child Care Council of Westchester. She also volunteered her time on two non-profit boards as treasurer.

Barbara began her second career over 15 years ago when she became the sole proprietor for Critter Comfort pet sitting, allowing her to turn her lifelong love of & commitment to animals into a full time job.  Barbara has been coming to Port Chester Obedience Training Club for over 10 years. Her primary focus at the club has been on K9 Scent Work, and she has handled three Rhodesian Ridgebacks in PCOTC classes and in NACSW trials leading to NW3 titles. She also attends NACSW lectures to expand her knowledge of the sport. She has taken two of her Chihuahua mixes, Robbie and Penelope, to Nosework classes at PCOTC, and watched them transform from timid and unsure in their classes to trotting around their search areas with confidence. Her Shar Pei mix Ben also takes family manners & Nosework classes at PCOTC with herself & her daughter.

Barbara is grateful to be a member of such a unique organization as PCOTC, with its many different classes covering such a variety of disciplines. She is excited for the opportunity to become more involved in the inner workings of the club as a board member, and will draw on her years of professional experience and love of dog sports to contribute to the club’s future.

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Margaret DeFonce - 2nd Vice President

Margaret DeFonce has over thirty years experience in the financial industry and is currently an Administrative Manager for a private equity firm in Greenwich, CT. One of Margaret’s responsibilities is the preparation of the quarterly corporate board meetings for the 18 manufacturing firms owned by her employer; meeting minutes, corporate records, etc. She also is the firm’s Event Planner, organizing the firm’s annual Investor Conference, which involves 500 attendees and the scheduling of all meetings, meals, team-building functions, and coordinating with the guest speakers.

Margaret is the former president of the Co-op Board of White Plains Manor. She served 10 years and implemented financial reporting processes and reporting, which included budgets, cash flow analysis, income statements and balance sheets.

A long-time member of PCOTC, and a Super Star Volunteer!  Margaret shares her life with Italian Greyhounds and borrows Dachshunds from her Mom. Currently, you will find her taking Nosework classes at PCOTC, but in the past she has participated in Rally and Agility, while also volunteering with Good Dog Foundation, with pet therapy IG’s, Liam (at the Bridge) and Owen (now retired).


Donna Fanok - Recording Secretary

Donna is a licensed US Custom House Broker by profession and has worked for years at JFK.  But her true passion throughout her life has been with dogs. 

She started taking classes at PCOTC and finally became a member in 2000. Throughout that time she has continued taking classes and has been actively competing in agility, nosework and conformation, and has bred her first litter this past year.

She has taught classes at both PCOTC and Skyline Agility Club. She has also served for two years on the board at Skyline as secretary.


Deedie Domenicali - Director


Deedie Domenicali became an interim Director of the PCOTC Board last year upon the early resignation of another Director.  She is now being considered for a full term.  Deedie worked for 35 years in Marketing at American Express, Chase Manhattan and Time Inc.   She has a B.A. in History from Barnard College and an M.B.A. from Columbia University School of Business. When she retired, she and her family moved out of the city to Armonk, bringing her rescue dog, Sally, with them.  They subsequently adopted a second dog from the Yonkers Shelter. When they both died after 14 happy years together, she adopted a black pit bull from a high kill shelter in Athens, Georgia and another pit from Yonkers ( a male named Ricky).  It quickly became apparent that Lucy is a very high energy dog (Ricky is more of a lover and snuggler) and so out of desperation trying to tire Lucy out, Deedie turned to agility.  She and Lucy have been taking Agility classes for six years now and Ricky has taken some Scentwork classes.  Lucy is still not tired.

Deedie served as the Treasurer for her Quaker Meeting for many years and also served as Chair of the Board for the Meeting’s school.  She volunteered at Bedford Hills prison and is currently a mentor at SCORE, an organization that provides free business counseling for small business owners. She served as Co-Chair and Treasurer of her SCORE chapter for several years.