Types of Training

Specialty Classes

An interesting array of classes that allow you and your dog to bond, learn a new sport, show in the conformation ring, or just have fun while learning some new skills. Not all classes are given each session. Check the schedule online each session to see what's being given.


Conformation is what most people think of as the traditional "dog show." While PCOTC focuses on training for companion dog sports, some of our member also show their dogs in conformation, and so we offer a breed handling class to help them prepare for the show ring. You can sign up for a full session, or pay a drop-in fee for occasional brush-up classes. This class is useful to show ring novices and experienced show handlers alike!

Conformation events concentrate on the distinctive features of purebred dogs and help to preserve these characteristics by providing a forum at which to evaluate breeding stock. Dogs are judged against individual breed standards, which have been established for the AKC-recognized breeds by their parent clubs. These written standards describe the ideal size, color, and temperament of each breed, as well as correct proportion, structure, and movement.


Beginner and Advanced classes are offered. The beginner class is an introductory class for people and dogs/puppies new to clicker training. Capturing, shaping, luring and targeting for all kinds of behaviors are practiced. The Advanced class is a continuation of clicker training methods applied to more advanced behaviors.

While basic principles of clicker training are introduced in some of our training classes, and clickers can be employed in any class, the Clicker Training classes help handlers become fluent in this training method and enjoy its full benefits in training for any sport.


Improve your dog's attention to you, his understanding of cues, and your teamwork—and have a ton of fun while you do it! Combine cute tricks such as spin, twirl, leg weaving and bow with conventional exercises such as "down," "wait," and "Let's go!" to create a moving sequence or "routine," along the lines of canine musical freestyle. Come with your own ideas of tunes and tricks to incorporate.

Training to Tunes II builds on the teamwork, focus and moves taught in TTT I. Prompts and cues for learned moves (leg weaves, spins, backing up, etc.) will be faded, and more advanced moves such as side steps, jumping and distance work will be taught. Students will design and polish brief off-leash routines and set them to music to showcase the unique strengths of their individual dogs.


Your dogs do obedience and agility for you. We do Frisbee for them. Dogs smile when they chase a Frisbee. So learn how to do it! Learn how to throw safely and how not to frustrate your furry friend with that "skunky" toss. Turn your dog into a Frisbee monster. Prerequisites: Your dog will chase something, you can get your dog to tug, and you have something that looks like a recall.


Flyball is a fast-paced canine team sport, perfect for dogs that love tennis balls. Teams will have a basic introduction to the sport, including use of the flyball box and jumping a series of hurdles. Dogs must be reliable off-leash around other dogs and have a solid recall.

In the breed ring

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