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Kamal Fernandez Obedience Seminars


Day 1: Building Motivation and Drive

We all want a willing and active partner excited to participate in canine performance sports with us. Kamal will guide us in building and im- proving our dog’s drive with a variety of reinforcers. Each working team will discover and improve their dog’s hidden drive and increase their motivation to work with us.

Day 2: Fading Reinforcers and Ring Prep

Preparing your dog for the obedience ring requires careful planning and skill. The dog must be able to perform obedience exercises in the ring without reinforcement available. Come explore and develop a plan for your dog’s ring experience. We expect that working teams will show a wide range of “ring readiness”.

Private Lessons, Monday, March 12:
1-Hour Privates with Kamal Fernandez, 9 am-4pm

Students who have worked with Kamal Fernandez in the past will have priority. Fee, $150 per hour. Please contact Rick Pisani for availability at


Note: These are positive reinforcement seminars/privates. No pinch collars, choke collars or electronic collars will be permitted.

To register for a working spot, fill out the pre-registration questionnaire here.

Auditing spots can be self registered for here.

Fees: Days 1 and 2 run from 9 am to 5 pm. Maximum 12 working spots each day. $390 working spot for both days; working teams MUST attend both days. $90 auditing spots, each day.

If you need help with seminar registration, please contact Joanne at

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